About High School Records

In a culture that rewards the glossy and the boring, High School Records aims to stand out. We choose bands that embrace the swagger of garage rock, the brassiness of glam and the sonic experimentation of post-punk and that produce something vibrant, psychoactive and potentially a little bit weird.

HSR was started in Portland, Oregon, by Nora Murphy Hughes in the time-honored tradition of DIY. As musicians ourselves, we have always wanted to keep the creative control and future ownership of our music. HSR sets out to be that kind of label. We look for artists who want a partner not a parent–who are cool but not too cool to get the homework done.

HSR loves vinyl, we love the smell of old records and the anticipation of new ones. We listen for the drop of the needle and the hiss at the end when we’re too lazy to get up and flip it over. But more than anything we love making records. So that’s what we do.

Some records WE listened to in high school: Television, The Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Erasure, Pavement.