‘Souvenir Driver’ Presale and West Coast Tour

Tuesday March 21, Souvenir Driver launches their joint West Coast tour with friends-of-the-fold, Daydream Machine for the Modern Prophecy 2017 West Coast Tour. The two bands share more than just a massive overlap in their record collections. Josh Kalberg (bass and guitar), Travis Hendricks (keys) Bob Mild (drums) play in both bands making this tour a family thing

3/21 Souvenir Driver record release party with Daydream Machine at Mississippi Studios. Souvenir Driver digs into the fuzz-drenched excesses of shoegaze and full of bliss and shimmer. New Belgium has sponsored the event so tickets are just five bucks. It’s a pretty sweet deal! Buy Tickets for the record release here. Afterward, Souvenir Driver and Daydream Machine hits the road for their West Coast Tour.


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